GF offers additional highly specialised services,
of maximum operational and commercial flexibility
to support product quality

We offer services designed and made for the rapid resolution of customer needs. We guarantee the punctuality of delivery according to the characteristics and needs agreed.

All our products benefit from the following services:


The product, from the moment of harvest to its final distribution, is kept at a constant temperature; in this way a consumer is guaranteed a product with unaltered organoleptic characteristics compared to the freshly-harvested product.

Scrupulous application of current legislation both in production and in product delivery operations, with specimen checks according to standards established in agreement with the customer.

From collection to delivery. Indispensable for a correct evaluation of the quality of the goods.

We are able to guarantee maximum punctuality and speed in delivery.

Dedicated supply services.

We can supply all the goods according to the quality and quantity desired by the customer, at their company directly from Italy.